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Follow Michael Rood as he takes you on a journey through the Scriptures, brings them to life, and leads you along the path to learning and living the Word of Elohim. He will expose you to the truths in the Scriptures that have been buried under centuries of flawed tradition and forgotten by many. You have never been taught the Scriptures quite like this; if you’ve been desperate for “something more,” be prepared to learn the answers that will change your life, revitalize your relationship with your Creator, and shine light on the evidence that proves the Bible’s veracity.

With a teaching style that is emphatic and hard to ignore, Michael Rood lays down the law, so to speak, covering topics that range from Mosaic Law to the Red Sea Crossing to the Feasts of Yahuweh. Your faith will be renewed as Michael deciphers the parts of Scriptures that have been clouded by misunderstanding, leaving them open to refutation by non-believers and even well-intention scholars. With an old-fashioned, Hebrew mindset, Michael delves into the heart of the Scriptures to discover what is expected of us, God’s people, and how this return to an old way of thinking illuminates the Bible from cover to cover in a way you’ve never experienced.

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Published on Jan 24, 2014

This is it!!! Yes, Bible fans, this is the moment everyone has been talking about in the Christian church – yet few having any idea of the legal prerequisites to the event of which they so cluelessly speak: The Gathering Together (harpadzo in Greek, rapturo in Latin) of the Saints at the second coming of the Messiah (or the first coming of Yeshua as The Messiah – as he came the first time as THE PROPHET that we must “shema” (hear and obey)). Do not miss this event (either this teaching on Shabbat Night Live – or the actual “Last Trump” resurrection of those in Messiah).

Call your friends, enemies, pastors, teachers, commanding officers, moms and dads and tell them: “Tonight, on A Rood Awakening’s Shabbat Night Live, we will find out exactly WHEN the rapture occurs!” – that ought to get their attention. With all the non-sense talk about the rapture happening at the time of the upcoming lunar eclipses, this will again set the record straight that there will be NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE and when the “rapture” does transpire, it will not be a secret to anyone except the members of the Dead Atheists Society awaiting the “Resurrection of the Unjust”.

This SNL will be, as all future episodes, FAMILY FRIENDLY – I will not be telling either Obama, the Congress, or the Pope “where to go”. Or perhaps I will opt to use either the Hebrew or Greek words so that those without a seminary diploma or an analytical concordance of the original languages will not be able to decipher my decidedly de-escalated tirades against the perversions, abominations, and compromises of Post Christian America.

by: Michael Rood

Facebook: http://facebook.com/michael.j.rood
Twitter: http://twitter.com/michaelrood
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Arthur Bailey Ministries


Temple Beth Emeth




Congregation Beth Yeshurun

Who We Are…
Passion For Truth Ministries is a unique ministry, birthed out of a personal need and desire to want to know the Truth of the scriptures from the original Hebraic perspective of the ones who wrote them, instead of the perspective of the Greek “church fathers” or western-American denominationalism. It is our passion to dig into the scriptures and understand them within the framework they were written, without reading into them 1800 years of cultural, religious traditions and man-made doctrines.

Goals and Mission…
One of our main goals is to provide in-depth teaching material to those who are seeking to grow deeper in their walk with Him. We desire to glorify the Father in every thought and idea that we present and to provide a place for truth seekers to ask hard questions and find solid, biblically based answers that are not skewed by denominational biases or prejudices. We encourage people to “think outside the denominational box”, to study the WHOLE of Scripture to show themselves approved, to use critical thinking when studying them and to know what they believe and why (I Pet. 3:18).

Oftentimes, studying the scriptures from the original Hebraic background of the authors verses the traditional Catholic and Protestant viewpoints will bring about a different interpretation than what is commonly taught. We believe that the author’s original interpretation is the foundation for all doctrine. It is at this point where we are faced with a choice to grow into a deeper, more connected relationship with Him through obedience or continue in our own ways. The balance of being obedient to the Truth and being led by the Spirit is the focal point of this ministry.

Our mission is to equip the body of Christ/Messiah with the pure truth of His Word so that they might be free from whatever may be holding them back from being all that God (Yahweh) has created them to be (Eph 4:12). We accomplish this by studying the scriptures from the Hebraic perspective in which it was written and putting all of our religious biases, Antisemitism and man-made doctrine and traditions aside for the sake of understanding and living only HIS truth. It is our desire and mission to first grow families deeper into His Word, bringing life, love and restoration. Once a family is healed, restored and growing strong in their faith, then the local community of believers can truly flourish as a healthy congregation and edify one another the way it was called to do. From there, we have a strong desire to be a light to the nations, bringing them the Truth of the Torah (meaning “Instructions” in Hebrew) through the Spirit of Yeshua/Jesus.


Jim Staley – Truth or Tradition (HD) – Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? (Full)

Published on Oct 11, 2012
Should Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter? It sounds sacrilegious to even ask the question, doesn’t it? You might be surprised to find out that God actually has an opinion when you consider the origins of these holidays…and that opinion might not be what you expect!

Originally featured on God’s Learning Channel, this teaching examines the most shocking historical origins of Christianity’s most sacred holidays and will leave you desiring God’s truth like never before! Find out where Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Christmas trees, and many more holiday traditions actually come from and what the Scriptures say about them. Learn what is “truth” and what is “tradition.” After all…The Father is only looking for those who worship in both Spirit and Truth!

Connect with Passion for Truth online at:

If you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area, please come worship with us at PFT!







Hebraic Roots Network, founded in August 2011, is a consortium of like minded ministries dedicated to bringing solid Biblical teaching to the world.We present the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective allowing the viewer to gain deeper understanding through applied context.

The teachers on HRN are time tested, people of good character, who have given their lives to bring forth a clearer understanding of the Word to people across the globe.

At this hour it is critical that the Hebraic Roots teachers stand together demonstrating unity, not uniformity, to the millions of Believers awakening to their lost heritage.Our desire is to lead by example.We pray that Hebraic Roots Network will not only be utilized for the outstanding programming, but also to bring unity and continuity to the Body of Messiah.

Please understand that each Presenter presents from their own unique perspective.Their Biblical point of view is just that – their point of view.While we strive to present a unified vision and message, at times there may be a teaching that stretches those parameters.At those moments, we ask that you consider the entirety of our work, and grant us the grace that is associated with a Believer in Yeshua.

Over time, our team of teachers will grow.We leave the door open for those stable and able teachers who have good fruit on their tree, a humble attitude, and a team perspective.Our programming will also increase in scope and depth.By allowing the Messiah of Israel to lead, we will ensure a bright future for Hebraic Roots Network.His Torah is truly a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path.As we grow, our desire is to lift up Yeshua’s Name above all others, proclaiming the eternal nature of His Word through the Hebraic lens of His Life.

COLLINS WEBPAGE GRAFX, has provided this information and LINKS, only for your personal study. We are not affiliated with HRN, or any other LINKS on this Blog/Website in anyway.


Biblical Health TV

Biblical Health TV from Michael Rood on Vimeo.

Membership at: http://biblicalhealth.tv/membership/


Hebrew Roots Ministries

LINK at: http://www.hebrewrootsministries.com/index.html

Hebrew Roots Teaching Class Overview from Hebrew Roots Ministries on Vimeo.


The Raw Life with Paul Nison

Raw Life Health Show:  http://healthwatchman.com/raw-life-health-show/
Call in # for show: 405-293-3270
Raw Life Inc, P.O. Box 16156, West Palm Beach, FL 33416


About Paul Nison,
At age 20, Paul Nison was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), a deadly affliction.

Paul started to leave out all unhealthful foods, and the healthful foods he was left with were raw, ripe, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. After turning to a more simple diet called “the raw food diet” consisting of just that, raw foods, Paul was amazed at how quickly his health returned. He was even more amazed because doctor’s told him raw foods would not help his condition. In fact, they warned him by saying a diet of raw fruits and vegetables would be harmful to anyone with inflammatory bowel disease. This led Paul to simplify all areas of his life.

This led Paul to continue to search for an answer. He realized that people are being controlled by the world. Most of the people in control do not have the best interests of the people they are controlling at heart.

As Paul continued to study, he was led to read the Bible. When he saw that it clearly said, we should not be controlled by the people of the world, but by the Master Creator, Father YHWH . everything made perfect sense. As a definitive confirmation that Our Creator had all the answers and not the world, Paul found Genesis 1:29: “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, in which there is life, every green plant is for food.”

Read more of Paul’s testimony at: http://healthwatchman.com/about-paul/torah-life-ministries/

Paulnison.com – The official site of Paul Nison
Rawlife.com – Health Store for all of Paul’s Products and more.
Rawlifehealthshow.com -Daily video show
torahlifeministries.org -Paul’s Non-Profit heath ministry

What The Bible Says About The Vegan Diet and Daylight Eating

Uploaded on Dec 29, 2011
http://www.healthwatchman.com People often ask me if the diet mentioned in the Bible is vegan or not. Another common topic is what the Bible says about the time we eat our food for best digestion. In this video I talk about these two topics.

Found on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Thehealthwatchman


Arthur Bailey Ministries


The Dedications

Uploaded on Dec 4, 2011
The Dedications Series will take a look at the Dedications of People, Places and Things to YeHoVaH for the worship and exaltation of the Most High and discuss the importance of these Dedications in our day and time. This message “The Dedications” is one of the Most Important Teachings I will Teach. As YeHoVaH moved me into the studying of this message I was Overwhelmed with it’s Importance


Aramaic English New Testament

from Andrew Gabriel Roth

Netzari Press LLC
4420 E College Way Unit #2
Mount Vernon, WA

FAX: (360) 209-2620

The Aramaic English New Testament Bible from Andrew Gabriel Roth on Vimeo.


AENT.org: Aramaic English New Testament | The official Messianic Peshitta Study Bible

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aramaic-English-New-Testament/100459528210
MESSIANICS: http://www.aent.org/infoformessianics.htm
Gabriel Roth = One Faith One People http://www.onefaithonepeopleministries.com/

Andrew Gabriel Roth: Unified Torah/Good and Evil Speech Bonus Teaching

Published on May 23, 2013


We are a Biblically faith based community of believers dedicated to teaching Our Heavenly Father YHWH’s Instructions (or Torah) for humanity. We believe that all the Scripture is divinely inspired and sent by Abba YHWH to provide the roadmap for peace, prosperity, better health, discernment and wisdom in our daily walk with Him.

Come join us and explore just how deeply and intimately connected the Tanakh (“Old”) and B’rit Chadasha (“New”) Scriptures are for a complete understanding of the instructions from Abba YHWH.
For millennia, pious Jews and Christians have engaged in various methods to divide and discuss a given section of text each week in chronological order. Using the most widespread of these methods, the text from the start of Genesis to the end of Deuteronomy is slowly read and analyzed over the period of a single year, in 54 divisions of the text. These are supplemented by special Feast day readings such as for Passover, Tabernacles and so on.

Description above from: http://www.onefaithonepeopleministries.com/


God’s Learning Channel

Founders: Al and Tommie Cooper

The GLC Family would like to welcome all of our online, internet viewers to our Global Viewing Audience! Whether you’re watching from our Live Stream on the GLC website or from a streaming service such as Roku or Google TV, we want to say “thank you” for tuning in.…
LINK: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaTDjLVolx1_utzEoGv1z1Q

Why is GLC so adamant in standing with Israel?
Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed.”

We support Israel because all other nations were created by acts of men, but Israel was created by an act of God! The Land of Israel was given by God to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob with an everlasting and unconditional covenant. This covenant was ratified when God gave the Torah to Moses and has been confirmed throughout recorded history by the words of the prophets of old and by Jesus the Messiah and His disciples.

Many Christians today try to deny the Jewish origins or inherent “Jewishness” of the Christian faith. They fail to acknowledge that their Messiah, Jesus Himself, was Jewish and obeyed the Torah. Any doctrine that states, “The church has replaced the Jewish people as the Chosen Ones,” is called Replacement Theology. GLC stands firmly against this unbiblical and anti-Semitic doctrine. Biblically, the church is grafted into the family of Israel by Christ as heirs according to the promise (see Galatians 3:29; Ephesians 3:6). So, if we be brothers and sisters of Israel, let us stand with Her! Let us continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem!



LINK: http://www.netzari.org/

Now there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Netzer [sprout] shall grow out of his roots: the Spirit of YAHUWEH shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of YAHUWEH; which shall make Him of quick understanding in the Fear of YAHUWEH: He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears: But with righteousness shall He judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked. (Yeshayahu / Isaiah 11:1-4)

WHO: http://www.netzari.org/who.htm
WHAT: http://www.netzari.org/what.htm
WHERE: http://www.netzari.org/where.htm
WHEN: http://www.netzari.org/when.htm
WHY: http://www.netzari.org/why.htm
HOW: http://www.netzari.org/how.htm
ASSEMBLY: http://www.netzari.org/community.htm

Netzarim communities:

MASHIYACH: http://www.mashiyach.com/index.htm
SHALOM CHAVERIM: http://www.shalomchaverim.com/
MOUNTAIN LAKE COLLEGE: href=”http://www.mountlakecollege.com/




WEB: http://www.cornerfringe.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/CornerFringe

Corner Fringe Ministries is a 1st Century
Church bringing believers back to their Hebrew
Roots through their faith in Yeshua/Jesus.

Who is “Corner Fringe” and what do we believe…?

Published on May 30, 2012
This Teaching will give you insight to who Corner Fringe is and what we believe,enjoy.




WEB: http://www.119ministries.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/119Ministries
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/119Ministries
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/119Ministries

Grace, Faith, and & Obedience: Understanding the Relationship – 119 Ministries

Published on Sep 18, 2013
What is grace… What is faith… What is obedience… And to make matters more complicated, how do they all relate to each other… Are they against each other like some teach, or do they work together in His perfect design… Instead of examining each component individually, this study investigates the relationships in detail as scripture teaches it. This study covers material that offers critical scriptural understanding that needs to be a part of every believer’s walk. DVD also available at TestEverything.net



New 2 Torah. I’m learning like the child that I am.


WEB: http://www.new2torah.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/New2Torah
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL17i08QeSc5W8DYiFrI0_oh-cIzXUueFA

The Deception of Many – What has religion forgotten?

Published on May 30, 2012
How “Many” is “Many”. Jesus said WIDE is the gate to destruction and narrow the path that leads to life AND FEW WILL FIND IT. Yet today, we have millions of Christians who claim they are saved and believe in Jesus?

So what gives?

For more videos and studies, visit our website at http://www.New2Torah.com




WEBSITE: http://jewsforjesus.org/
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/jewsforjesus

A Welcome from Jews for Jesus
44,860 views 2 years ago

Shalom From Jews for Jesus!

We are so glad to have met you and hope the message of Y’shua finds you well. Who is He? Probably the most important question you could ever ask and seek the answer to. Y’shua (Jesus) is a name that perhaps you have never really thought about or maybe this is the first time any one has asked? Whatever background you come from Y’shua came to save the Jewish people and the rest of the world from unrighteousness and that is good news. As your journey begins we hope that you will take full advantage of our website http://jewsforjesus.org and our other venues on communication:


If you have heard the Gospel and you are ready to take the next step, don’t wait!

We have opened this video as an open forum to discuss who Y’shua is, so please do not hesitate to write a comment, make a video response, or send us a message.

Be Blessed,

Jews for Jesus Live chat with us now http://blog.jforj.com/chat-now/ Also visit:


Makor Hebrew foundation

Home Page: http://makorhebrew.org/index.shtml

Makor is a Hebrew word that means “source” as well as “fountain” or “natural spring”. Makor Hebrew Foundation is dedicated to uncovering the Hebrew sources of the Jewish and Christian faiths. The Tanach (“Old Testament”), the Bible of the Jews, was revealed by God in Hebrew to the prophets of ancient Israel. Much of the Christian Scriptures, the New Testament, were originally written in Hebrew or based on Hebrew sources. The early Church Father Papias reported in the 2nd Century:
Matthew composed his history in the Hebrew dialect, and everyone translated it as he was able.

The founder of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, once said:

The Hebrew language is the best language of all, with the richest vocabulary… If I were younger I would want to learn this language, because no one can really understand the Scriptures without it. For although the New Testament is written in Greek, it is full of hebraisms and Hebrew expressions. It has therefore been aptly said that the Hebrews drink from the spring, the Greeks from the stream that flows from it, and the Latins from a downstream puddle.

By comparing the Hebrew “source” to a “spring” of water Martin Luther was alluding the Hebrew word Makor which signifies both a source and a spring. He was also drawing on the metaphor used thousands of years earlier in the prophecy of Jeremiah:

For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain (makor) of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns-broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:13)

To contact the Makor Hebrew Foundation write to:

Makor Hebrew Foundation
P O Box 535579
Grand Prairie, TX 75053-5579

Or send us an e-mail (requires javascript).



David Herzog – The Ancient Portals of Heaven, Glory, Favor and Bless…
177 views 5 hours ago
What are the ancient pathways that opened up the supernatural for the ancients like Moses, Elijah and Solomon? David Herzog and his wife Stephanie are the founders of David Herzog Ministries. Their passion is to equip believers to do great works and bring the gospel to as many souls as possible. David joins Rabbi Jonathan Bernis to talk about his book, The Ancient Portals of Heaven, Glory, Favor and Blessings. Today you will learn astounding and practical biblical truths that will help you live in God’s glory…on Jewish Voice.

View on YouTube, Click Here


UNDER CONSTRUCTION – More Hebrew Roots Ministries added all the time

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